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Straight work porn videos

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Work Porn Free HD Videos

Work as a porn genre is a classic. It comes to a category, which is one of the most favorite to many people, especially those who are more busy and hard working. These are a kind of videos the main act in which is filmed in the office and happens between a boss and an employee or between coworkers.

In the main scene of the video the secretary usually opens the door of her boss’s office without knocking and accidentally catches him playing with his cock. Of course, they both feel a bit uncomfortable but a second later she is already getting fucked on his desk.

The boss acts fast and while she realizes what is going on, she already has a big dick deep in her ass. Once fucked by her boss, she can’t do anything but bring him a bit more pleasure.

She kneels for him and puts his very big cock in her mouth. Her bonus at work obviously will be a pussy breaking fucking with the boss.

The alternative scenario is also possible to find. A bad boss woman who masturbates with a vibrator in her cabinet while her employee goes in. He is shocked but now he has to fuck her hard because otherwise he’s at risk of losing his job.

This genre is popular not only with the heterosexual people but is also very interesting to the gay guys and lesbian girls. The relationship between boss and employees is one of the taboos in our society and this is what makes it so tempting.

Usually this genre is more easy to find as a professional porn, although some of the videos are made by amateurs. However, the need of a proper place to film the scene is why these videos are mostly professional and the actors are real porn stars.

This genre is one of the most popular in Vporn.com. All the videos available for you are absolutely free and with the highest possible quality. The top videos in the Work category include:

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