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I Love to Swallow #1 (Classic Rare)

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Cum swallowing videos are still fairly rare in porn, though more and more companies are adding them to their catalog. Some of the have actual swallowing while others use that word in the title and still have girls ducking the juice. I don’t know if Chuck Martino is going to insist that his stars gulp it down or not, but he certainly has some amazing chicks to play with. Aurora Snow, Jenna Haze, Monica Mayhem, Tabitha Stern and Calli Cox are all quite impressive. Also, Cheryl Dynasty is a girl I keep hearing great things about. We know the names, now let's see if they really do love to swallow. Cheryl is a nineteen-year-old Asian girl from Huntington Beach, California. I don't know how long her tiny tits are going to last, but she does look awfully good natural. After the briefest of introductions, a cock is brought in (studded no less) and Cheryl gets to work making it rise. He seems to have some trouble with wood, but she does a nice job of hiding that with her hand. When he does finally get ready to shoot, she takes most of the load on her face, with just a few drops on her tongue. There is no actual shot of her swallowing, so we're off to a nice looking, low swallow factor, start. Jenna Haze is also a nineteen year old Cali girl who says she just loves sucking cock and swallowing cum. She's super cute with a hot little, all natural body and a smile that just lights up a room. With all the going for her, I still say it's her performances that really make her a rising star in the world of smut. After a short masturbation scene, in come a dick. Jenna wraps her fingers around his shaft and strokes him to her mouth, taking it deep and remembering that eye contact is essential. He shoots a big load all over her tongue and Jenna makes a sure that we see her swallow it all. Scooping up the jizz from her face, she makes sure to lick her fingers clean with a smile. Great blowjob with swallowing from this hotter than hot rookie. August is a pretty brunette with short black hair and a hot little body. She says she unsure about swallowing, but doesn't sell that reluctance very well. Her tits are also still real, though she does have a huge tit across the small of her back. While she is still rubbing her pussy, a cock comes into the picture. August takes it right into her mouth and squeezes the shaft with her hand. I think this girl is really cute, but her energy level as she sucks is pretty low. I don't know if she's shy or just needs better direction, but with eyes like she has, the blowjob should be a lot hotter. If there is a cumshot, it's in her mouth so the swallowing is unseen. I can't say it's fake, but her tongue sure looks clean when he's done. Aurora Snow is the only girl in this movie who is as hot as Jenna Haze and she's another natural girl who isn't all inked up. She strips down and starts fingering her pussy until it's nice and juicy. Then the cock comes in and we get a real treat. Using great eye contact and hand motion, she sucks and strokes the lucky cock into her pretty face. Aurora just looks so natural and fresh that you can't believe she actually sucks cock like this. That's the big appeal and it's part of the reason that she should have been included on AVN's list for both Performer of the Year and Best Starlet. When she can feel her man getting close, Aurora picks up the pace and tells him she wants to swallow his load. Most of it lands on her tongue and this pretty little thing does exactly that. Without question, this girl is one of the 5 hottest babes in all of porn. Tabitha Stern is a very sexy girl who has always reminded me of a young Nikki Charm. She rubs her pussy on a toilet for a while before putting her mouth around her husband's cock. Another young and natural girl, Tabitha has some great skills to go along with that pretty face and tight body. Her eyes are closed for about half of the scene, but during the POV, she looks right up into the camera and it's that perfect shot that will push many viewers over the edge. It works on her man as well because he shoots a big load into her mouth and on her face. The mouth full is swallowed and she even says the name of another swallowing line, ooops. Bamboo (Looking good and swallowing a small load), Catalina (Looking hot, but her dialog is becoming a bit too robotic. She takes a big load, mostly in the mouth and does a full swallow.) Calli Cox (A very popular blonde who really looks like a young Stacy Valentine and does do some swallowing.) Monica Mayhem (That accent could go a long way to getting a guy off, but she is even hotter with a dick in her mouth. Some good swallowing here) and Gabriella (A sexy blonde from Vegas who has some promise and swallows the cum shot into her mouth) So, not all the girls really swallow. If that's really the appeal for you, then you're going to be disappointed about half the time. On the other hand, if you like hot girls sucking cock who do some swallowing, (Like I do) then you will have plenty of fun with this movie. Jenna Haze and Tabitha Stern are two of the hottest new chicks in porn and their scenes are very hot. Of course, I'll still take the face, body and mouth of Ms. Aurora Snow as the single best thing about porn this year

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