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Straight underwater porn videos

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Underwater Porn Free HD Videos

Underwater is a very popular genre in porn in which the main act of the porn video happens under the water. The couple usually has sex in a swimming pool, sea, river or a lake. The water is clear so you can see everything they do under the surface.

This is a kind of fetish, which is not very popular, but if you are one of the people to find that irresistible, you understand very well what we mean.

The man and the woman touch each other gently and then he penetrates her under the water. They look like some creatures from another world and this is what turns our imagination on.

Since the penetration under the water sometimes require more specific preparation, the man often uses different water resistant lubricants to fuck her in the ass without hurting her too much.

The ass pumping can be painful sometimes and the fucking into the water requires them to be even more careful.

In some videos you can see naked people entirely under the water so they couldn’t even breath while fucking. Some of these videos even include bondages where the woman have to trust completely her partner while he fucks her.

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