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DJ OSCAR LEAL - Why money stinks


(custom request) I would like for you to begin filming at home. And I need you to wear a mini skirt with no panties. I would like for you to explain that you don’t like to carry a purse or wallet when you go to the corner store. Then I want you to lean over the bed and tuck two folded dollar bills deep into your ass crack. Next I want you to climb onto the bed, lie on your back with your legs spread, and slide a third rolled-up bill into your pussy. Then stand up and declare “All set!… I’m headed to the store now.” Stop the camera at home, and begin filming again once you’re parked in the store parking lot. Bend over with your ass-crack in full view of the camera, and meticulously begin plucking the bills from your nether regions. Emerge from your car with the three bills clearly visible in your hand. Have your camera person follow you inside. Shop for a candy bar and a soda, or whatever costs between $2 and $3. Then get a clear shot of yourself handing the money to the clerk.


Teen 720p   



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Mandy Flores

Mo0nG Male 29mo ago Report spam

who is she?