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lady haze fuck






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TCB Male 29mo ago Report spam

Docterdoom, try to reupload these BBD video clips none of these really complete.Impossible de voir ces videos clips BBD's pour la grande majorite,si tu peux les refaire.Merçi,Thank you

IamIchigoKurosaki Male 29mo ago Report spam

Lol, BRO1555, first off, don't nobody tell me to calm down, I'm cool and its not that serious. To show that, is why I said, I have most vids from the site, just wanted a couple anyway etc. You have to see though how somebody who just said the exact samething as you, than gets a comment like yours can take that as you may have been trying to be smart towards them. Like maybe your vids aren't working but mine are.

bro1555 Male 29mo ago Report spam

@IAMICHIGOKUROSAKI, I am not trying to be a smart ass. I'm just saying that when I try to play this video on here that they are not playing for. This isn't about fans or whatnot. Shoot, my message wasn't even meant for you, it was for the person who uploaded the video, DoctorDoom. Calm down bruh.

IamIchigoKurosaki Male 29mo ago Report spam

Well BRO1555, I don't know if you were coming off trying t be a smart azz or not but anyway. I have most of these hardcore vids, actually almost three times as many hardcores from that site. So fortunately for me, there were only a couple hardcores that he has I do not have.but I thank you for your input. The last thing he should have done was actually name the vids by the girls names. Ol girl,Mz Baby Doll her self does not play when it comes to her content.

bro1555 Male 30mo ago Report spam

Sorry bruh, but unfortunately your BBD videos aren't playing.

IamIchigoKurosaki Male 30mo ago Report spam

Hey homie, I know you put in a lot of work uploading these BBD vids but sad to say, for the most part, the only ones that work are the intro vids. Maybe the showers to I haven't checked. The majority of the hardcores didn't upload completely. If you ever get the chance, can re upload them. I have to wonder if its because you upload so many vids at one time.

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