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International model Helen de Muro rocks on in this video from producer Joel Alvarez. In nothing but a skimpy bikini, Miss de Muro traverses the coast of Ibiza. Barely contained in her bikini top, Helen’s gorgeous breasts stand up and beg for your attention. Each one pierced at the nipple, they’re a treat for the eyes to behold. “I like my booty, but I like my boobs a lot,” she says. “I also love my eyes, because people compliment them all the time.” Whether you’re a breast man, an ass man or something in between, Helen’s got a lot to offer. No wonder she’s got so many fans all over the world. “In a man, I look for a sense of humor, passion and confidence,” she says. “He should be a good mix of gentleman and bad boy. I like being single, but if the right guy came along…maybe I could picture myself in a relationship!” Hit the beach with the sizzling hot Helen de Muro, only on Playboy Plus.

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