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Curvy Sharon - Mommie teaches you about

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Mommie's not pleased when she discovers you're spying on her as she gets dressed. But when you tell her it's because you've never seen a naked woman before and you're curious, Mommie sits you down and teaches you all about a woman's body. Most women don't have Mommie's supersized curves, of course, but they all have breasts, rounded butts and vaginas, and Mommie shows hers off to you. Watching Mommie fondle and spread and finger herself and listening to her talk about sex and pleasuring gets you very excited. Mommie sees your penis has grown hard so she gives you some masturbation instruction, too. And she tells you to look at her womanly body as you stroke your erection. Between Mommie's encouraging words and the sight of her rubbing her plump smooth pussy, you cum good and hard. Mommie is so proud!

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