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Sorority Sex

These Girls Do What It Takes to Join the Sisterhood!

College is such a strange time in our lives. We are willing to do almost anything just to fit in and find our place, our so-called tribe. You are nobody on campus unless you belong to a fraternity or a sorority. But not just anybody can join, in order to be accepted, they must undergo a strict and intense initiation process. In the sorority movies picked for this category, you will discover what these cute and innocent college coeds are willing to do to be accepted into the sisterhood and become a full-pledged sister! These girls won't have it easy, that's for sure. The strict sisters are going to make them go through hoops and rings of fire in intense XXX initiations and hazing. Yes, there will be challenges, dares and games, all of them with a sadistic, perverted and sexual twist aimed at humiliating and breaking the wills of these young girls.

Watch College Coeds Humiliated and Fucked in Hardcore Videos

The college coeds will have to prove they deserve that coveted spot in the inner circle by having the hottest sorority sex, where they will eat pussy and suck dick and let every guy and girl on campus fuck them. They will be the main dish of the sisterhood sex parties and college bashes, making sure they keep the guests entertained and satisfied in hardcore sorority videos. The hopeful pledges indulge in masturbation, lesbian sex, group sex and let the sisters fuck them with dildos and strapon cocks, the guys gangbang them and everybody cum and pee all over them! Yes, that's how desperate the sluts in these sorority porn scenes are to be accepted!

Discover What Happens Inside XXX College Sororities