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Straight romantic porn videos

Romantic Porn Free HD Videos

Romantic is a genre in porn in which the main act includes two people having passionate and romantic sex. In the main scene of this kind of porn the act is between a man and a woman or between a same sex couple. It is always slow and gentle.

Rough and fast sex is not typical in this porn genre. The same applies for gangbang and orgies which are not related to any kind of romantic sex.

Romantic genre in porn could be professional with real actors but in most cases it comes from love making by a couple. These are, in most cases, people who have decided to film themselves while having sex. Although homemade by amateurs, these videos are always of the highest possible quality.

In love making people usually practice face to face sex which is widely known as the missionary pose. The couple practices mostly gentle penetration, usually in the vagina or in more rare cases in the ass.

In this category you can feel the passion between the partners and see how they treat each other in the bed when they have feelings and care for each other.

In the romantic genre people rarely use condoms and this is why here you can see creampie and other typical for the unprotected sex effects.

Romantic genre shows how open minded women could be when they are in love and they feel comfortable with their partner. The real act when his penis is in her vagina is complemented by a strong feeling of passion between the partners.

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