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Casting de Stella Ann pre mortem


Latin Teen 720p POV   

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ishbu123 Male 4mo ago Report spam

No she's gorgeous. Don't remove it. I know it's sad but she's sexy.

curiostimmy9232 Male 9mo ago Report spam

I agree with the rest. This video should be removed out of respect for Alyssa Funke.

miljim Male 11mo ago Report spam

I agree with Chrisg5555. it is easy to judge someone but it is very difficult to take someone as they are. you never know what situation made her do the scene instead of bulling her people should be asking what pushed her do it and not just judge her. RIP.

chrisg5555 Male 11mo ago Report spam

I think this video should be removed. The girl killed herself within months of filming it. She was ashamed and people bullied her. I don't see how someone could get turned on by this video after finding out about her fate and the actions she took because she appeared in it. Her name was Alyssa Funke. I like watching porn and hot women as much as anyone, but please remove this out of respect for Alyssa Funke.

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