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My wife Colette Choisez was hospitalized in a single room. She was in a half-coma, continually a, she was fussed by all medical staff, that's to say that some doctors or male nurses were realy very coaxing with her. They knew all my visiting hours. But one day, i was able to finish earlier and I went to hospital. I went almost enter into her room, when i saw by the door between open, a male nurse, leaned above my wife, he was busy to remove him his nightgown, putting Colette a and inert naked on his bed. He began to take also pictures with his i-phone while in talking him. He said: Mmmh Ms Colette Choisez, you are the most beautifull woman that i've never seen in this hospital. I must show you at every my friends on facebook and tweeter, it's time that everyone knows that the gorgeous wife of Michel Steuve has the pussy shaved, smooth like a lassie, two gorgeous natural true boobs. He made closeups of the vulva of Colette, of its nipples. Then he placed his phone for filming wide in saying: Now my darling i go film you and fucked you, Ms Choisez. Yesss i go fucked the wife of Michel Steuve, to enjoy that he go come soon, for fuck him his beloved spouse. It would be fun that Michel Steuve comes now and that he watches me to fuck his slut of wife. He didn't think so right to say. I was very amazed but very randy, to see a so commonplace male nurse, abusing of my wife helpless on his hospital bed, to enjoy that she was for rub him his dick everywhere on her. Straddling her face, removing him his oxygen mask, pressing on his chin for open him the mouth in wide and shove him his cock in mouth. Letting this insignificant guy spreading the legs of my wife and penetrate her. Then, seeing him turn Colette on the womb for knead him the ass, to furbish him the vulva with fingers, fingering him the ass hole, in spreading him the buttocks for playing with the washer of my wife, press his cock on it and assfucked well deeply my poor darling. See this unknow guy take pleasure to film and fuck an inconscious patient with the risk to be discovered. I left it do and i'm back home. Some days later, i received an anonymous email with a link sending me on a porn site, especially on one specific page where there was a porn video already viewed more of thousand times intituled: I fuck at unwittingly the wife of Michel Steuve, Ms Colette Choisez on his hospital bed.

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Steuve_Michel Male 4mo ago Report spam

sérieux meimei comment tu sais que ma femme se faisait baiser par les docteurs et les infirmiers quand elle a été hospitalisée ?

meoffjack Male 27mo ago Report spam

my name is buck and i'm here to fuck