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Alice Green in River fun in Philly @ Ph


ordan here...I'm proud to say that this is a very different kinda update. Patrick and I were out taking photos and messin with the gopro when we ran into the cutest redhead Alice Green! Okay, we were spying on her a little bit. She was down by this creek just hanging out topless. I mean what the fuck? Well she eventually caught us. We explained to her about what it is we do. She told us she was just in Philly to visit for a week. Her friends were actually right around the corner. She finally agreed to let us shoot a solo video with her. We showed her philavise.com and she was all good to go. We just wanted to have fun and shoot a solo. This was an awesome solo that turned into fingering and a handjob. One thing led to the next. We didn't even know that was going to happen. She is seriously one of the cutest red heads we have ever seen. Patrick obviously had no problem getting hard lol.That crazy fucker fingers the hell out of this little chick. I would say the finished video turned out pretty damn nice. Oh what a great day it was.

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