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your wearing my dress! take it off!


Jelena Jensen is my step sister who gets very upset when she comes home and sees me wearing her dress. She tries to take it off of me & we get into a little wrestling match…I’m stronger than her and pin her down. I realize she really just wants to see me naked, because I’ve caught her looking at me several times after I’ve showered. I think she likes girls but doesn’t want to admit it, and she knows I’m into girls. What better way her to experiment than with me her sister. I can’t miss my opportunity so I go for it. She tries to deny her attraction at first….but once I start kissing her she can’t resist. We kiss, lick & suck on each others tits plus I finger her and make her taste her sweet juices….Mmmmm now she is hooked! After I get Jelena relaxed and into the idea of being sexual with me, I finally get to taste her sweet yummy juices. I knew once I made her cum in my mouth she would be hooked! Then I let her explore my body….seeing her beautiful face buried in my pussy hair and smelling my scent is so sexy. Once I start to grind my pussy on her face she licks and sucks on my clit until I cum in ecstasy!! It all ends with sweet sexy kisses and an understanding that we really need to be lovers to one another….it’s much more fun than fighting with each other. Jelena And I are on the bed making out. After a while Jelena starts working her way all over my body kissing my big breasts . She finally goes down on me and tenderly licks my pussy until I cum.


Big Boobs Lesbian   

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andreas Male 13mo ago Report spam

Mindi Mink

varunx23 Male 27mo ago Report spam

name the girl other than jelena jensen....