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Take Me On A Ride


Cassidy and I are on a trip in Hollywood, and my girl Lisa wanted to see everything, so we took some pictures and some videos so she could feel the experience. The hotel is going to be hard to find so we're trying to find that when Cassidy was being all cute, and flirty, and so when we finally got back to the hotel room I couldn't help but initiating operation see Cassidy's tits. When she said she was going to take a shower, I had her set up the webcam, sneakily telling her that I was going to chat with Lisa. Next thing we knew we were both naked and pushing boundaries neither of us expected to get to. I won't tell you what we got up to, but I'll tell you that you won't want to miss it. From Ivy Sherwood and Cassidy Banks

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rick_lewis201 Male 23mo ago Report spam

Cassidy Banks is so hot. Don't know her lover in this post but she is also very hot.

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