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Kissing By The Candles


Having a romantic evening by the pool, Cayla and Taylor lie side by side eye flirting with each other while lighting some candles. They giggle from excitement and anticipation. Cayla and Taylor have been longing for each other for some time and it shows in how they kiss one another. With the perfect atmosphere, our girls begin to caress each other. With all the candles lit, they waste no time. They gently touch one another's shoulders and undergarments and slowly, Cayla undresses Taylor starting from the top. They kiss gently and smile at one another. Their shyness comes out by their giggles but the connection between Taylor and Cayla is still strong. Cayla begins to undress Taylor, but does not stop kissing her. Their mutual desire is so strong. Slowly removing Taylor's top, she fondles her perky breasts, sucking on a nipple. She can tell this is making Cayla very wet. Taylor cannot control her desire and urges to have Cayla's breast in her mouth, she quickly removes it as well as her own. Taylor can't control her fingers and massages Cayla's beautiful shaved pussy. This feels so good to Cayla, you can tell by her grins and moans. She puts her hand on Taylor's to get more leverage and so that she doesn't stop fingering her. Cayla slowly moves her way to pleasure her lover, Taylor's pussy is already wet and ready to be pleased by Taylor's warm mouth. Cayla slowly licks Taylor up and down, making sure she doesn't miss an inch or her juicy pussy. She places her fingers deep inside Taylor's pussy. Taylor removes Cayla's underwear and begins to pleasure her the same way Cayla did. She rubs her clitoris in anticipation for her lover to orgasm. Our teen lesbians switch positions so they can pleasure themselves with their lover's hot and wet pussies over their faces. Cayla sees that Taylor will orgasm any second now and focuses on touching her in the right spot. She moans harder and harder in ecstasy. The experience is Euphoric.


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kostanti Female 13mo ago Report spam

Dreamy lovely, thanks!!!!

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