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Gia Lesbian Supermodel - Scene 1 - Rave


Gia Lesbian Supermodel is a vision of the dark and lonely side of the cutthroat world of the modeling industry. An amazing film with some of the best acting and sexual performances of the year. Gia Lesbian Supermodel is a story of a young but directionless woman involved in a seedy situation who finds a break when a model agency director discovers her and figures out how to carve out her rough edges. Gia (played superbly by Raven Rocket) then becomes immersed in this glamorous world but it only complicates her life even more, especially when it causes a strain with her partner Tuesday (Maddy O’Reilly) Scene 1: Sinn Sage (Modesty), Raven Rocket (Gia) Gia takes Modesty to the place Gia and Tuesday (Maddy O'Reilly) share and the two begin getting it on.Modesty takes on the dominant role at first, sampling Gia’s body and spending considerable time between her legs, causing Gia to cum to which Gia then brings Modesty up to taste herself before Gia heads down and pleasures Modesty orally. A great scene to begin the film with that nicely sets the tone.


Erotic Lesbian Masturbation Female   

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