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Bella & Autumn Get Naked This scene begins with Autumn & Bella hanging out talking about college... guess where Autumn met Bella?... LOL. The girls begin to undress each other, sucking each others nipples, and playing with each others tits. It isn't long until Autumn is rubbing Bella's pussy through her panties! The two of them take turns rubbing oil on each other... this part is actually very cool. Autumn pulls out a remote control rabbit vibrator, and starts to fuck Bella with it! Bella absolutely loves this! She is moaning, as Autumn uses the remote control to make the toy fuck her and vibrate her clit! Bella announces she is going to come, and she has a great orgasm! They change positions and Bella gets right down and starts to lick and suck Autumn's pussy. It isn't long with Bella working Autumn's clit with her tongue until Autumn has a huge orgasm. Autumn seems to really like having a girl lick her pussy! Very cool! They curl up with each other, and we fade out.


Amateur Lesbian   



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