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supbrah Male 22mo ago Report spam

That was deep bro

IamIchigoKurosaki Male 22mo ago Report spam

Lets just say it adds to a girls skillz if she fine and sexy as hell, hence baby girl in the vid. To have that song playing in the background as she does it, flipping the bird at the end, lets just say I'm not surprised, She is that type of chick that is cocky(in a good way), the type that if you're trying to stay focused on becoming a success etc,, you have to stay away from cause you won't be able to leave her alone and the next thing you know, CAUGHT UP(distracted, pregnant etc etc). Lol, how do I know this, lets just say I'm very familiar with her type, my weakness and every single time they knocked me off my game, well they use to. Luckily out of all the ones I've been with and oh there were many, none of them got pregnant. Though as I free as I was so to speak, didn't always use a condom, smh, I should have

Swaggerman Male 22mo ago Report spam

real name ?

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