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Queen Delilah - Its Time to Take This R


Bossy Delilah is all dolled up and she’s dropped by your place, for what you’re thinking is going to be one long night of fun and fucking. Turns out she’s only stopping by to give you the news. She’s checked you out on the dates you’ve had with her and decided that your little penis in not nearly enough to satisfy her Ass. Nope, “but I’ve got one other option for you”, she tells you – “that’s to become my full fucking toilet”. “I take shits that are longer than your penis. The only way that you’re going cum when I’m around, is to eat my shit”. Stripping off her tight sweater and sitting down and lighting up, you know what’s coming next. To her word, Bossy’s shit is piled high. In fact, there’s so much shit in her pile that if you lined up all the pieces end to end, it’d stretch from the market where she buys her food, to her toilet seat where she serves her mud monsters. As it turns out, Delilah has a heart. You’re tied up and in chastity and you’re desperate to cum, but Bossy is thoughtful. She takes the key to your chastity device and shoves it into her pile of shit, deep into her pile of shit.


Fetish Latin 720p   

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stephen50 Male 6mo ago Report spam

worship delilah

nemoralis1 Male 13mo ago Report spam

must eat a lot

Mr_Smasher Male 14mo ago Report spam


JrFinesse Male 15mo ago Report spam

Thanks for the upload, not into shit but more bossy delilah clips if you have them please. Either on here or spankbang if you could

brandonjsonfeet Male 20mo ago Report spam

she needs to shit on my face lol.

lawrb Male 20mo ago Report spam

i love this. keep em coming!

CasualViewer Male 23mo ago Report spam