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Keeping Up With Kiara Mia - Kiara Mia &

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cashgod Male 22mo ago Report spam

Good scene! Kiara & Flash have great chemistry together.

uoffreak Male 23mo ago Report spam

who knows the name of the song at 2:32?

lustbone Male 24mo ago Report spam

Kiara Mia is quite a looker even with her fake boobs but she ain't no great fucker!

blogus Male 39mo ago Report spam

Fuck it, I found the comments interesting, good analysis. I'ma go jack off now though.

BigBoi96 Male 41mo ago Report spam

Cant believe there is analysis on PORN VIDEO. Lmao yall take this way too seriously

tim5558 Male 44mo ago Report spam

@IamIchigoKurosaki, I take back what I said. I never watched the full scene... just skipped through a few parts. The next time I make a comment I will watch the whole thing before jumping the gun my bad. You and Hush made excellent points performance vs reality very informative.

Hush2.0 Male 44mo ago Report spam

@IamlchigoKurosaki Sort of like porn fucks up our perception of reality. I re-watched the scene and I see where you're coming from. We see these chicks on a daily basis getting banged out, dicked down hardcore that when we see a scene, for example like this one, we say its boring and dull. From my guess, we say its boring because of the guy she was working with. All of Flash Browns scenes are like this where its an intimate chemistry between two people actually making love and straight hardcore sex. Also like you said, Kiara is putting on a performance, she is actually having sex here. So now looking back I actually don't think this scene is that boring with no chemistry to a degree.

IamIchigoKurosaki Male 44mo ago Report spam

@time5558, wow dude, you really must have not been paying attention because she said that more than once as soon as the sex started/he was hitting it from the back. Not only that yall, to all those who said this scene had no chemistry and boring, it seemed like that because a lot of what we are use to so to speak, the women are acting. To a degree the less a woman talks during sex, that actually mean she's into it, the dick is good etc. If she is able to have a full dialogue you're not putting it down. Porn has brainwashed men to think a lot of what see is the norm when again, they are just putting on a performance. I've been watching my baby long enough to notice that(not generally speaking) she was actually having sex here, that orgasm was real.

tim5558 Male 44mo ago Report spam

She looks like she is ready for a nap in this scene no energy... lack of chemistry lol... if you do not hear kiara saying thats right thats right thats right it cant be good

tim5558 Male 44mo ago Report spam

This scene should of been with someone she performs well with (considering it may have been here last) kiara scenes with these type of guys are never good... i cant think of one good scene she has good with a guy like this... she is at her best with a Manuel... Chris or pat myne...

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