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white chick on bbc


Big Dick Interracial   



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cashgod Male 8mo ago Report spam

Hey Jessica (real name Norma Jean Slattery), the tape/ video doesn't lie! Even Stevie Wonder can see that this waste of sperm loved the black dick! Whether it was Mr. Marcus, Lexington Steele, Darren James, or several others, she couldn't get enough of it. You can write letters, and now try to rationalize or justify your hatred, but I know the truth, slut! You're trailer trash bi*ch! You always have been, are now, and always will be.

cashgod Male 8mo ago Report spam

Jessica is a white supremacist, piece of shi*! The letter she wrote a few years ago was hysterical in how she spoke about the vile nature of white, female, pornstars working with black men. What a fuc*ing joke; bi%ch please! A great, majority of her adult career was based on working with black men! I find it comical how she didn't give the money back that she made if she was so appalled by it. A few years ago, I worked as a very high-end male escort. And on one occasion with a very nice older woman who offered me $30,000 to go a three-day weekend trip to Vancouver BC. I accepted, but on the first night, I apologized to her, excused myself, and gave her the money back because I could not have sex with her. She had a body scent that was unpleasant. I didn't tell her that because I didn't want to hurt her heart or feelings, but just said that I wasn't up to it. I called a buddy & work colleague of mine who serviced her, at no cost, who owed me a huge favor. Jessica is pathetic, small & a liar who doesn't have the ability, as an adult, to stand on her own two feet. She didn't like working with black men, she LOVED it! I know that for a fact! Rather than standing up to her family, who are white supremacists, and say, fuc* you; I don't believe the garbage you do! I'm going to do what I want with whom I want and if you can't support me for my decisions, then you don't deserve to be in my life, period- regardless of who you are! But instead, this sorry excuse for a human-being, ran back to her family and friends because she couldn't accept who she really was, what she really wanted, and what she really loved. Now, go off in the country somewhere, and die asap! The world would be a MUCH better place without you! :)

chaquetero74 Male 13mo ago Report spam


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