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Jenna Ivory - Blacked Out Scene exposed




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EvilCam Male 11mo ago Report spam

This is a reach, BTW Alexis Texas does not do scenes with black guys because her boyfriend is black & does not want her to do scenes with other black men.

GeminiScythe Male 18mo ago Report spam

You two are being full of shit. Racism does exist in the industry, that is true. But not every instance is racism. Some girls just prefer some guys over others no matter race. In other words some girls will do whatever with Mandingo, Lex or Sean Michaels, but wont do scene with say Rico, or Wesley Pipes. It sounds to me like your wish for her to be racist, because in THIS video she did no move her head or move his hand your making stuff up.

tim5558 Male 28mo ago Report spam

I do not think it is racist. This is a common theme in the industry some girls will do and allow any type of dudes to do anything to them but not black dudes.... for example Aj apple gate did a gang bang scene every guy banged her vagina and ass all but jon jon lol. The latin dude ripped her ass up Ramon nomar I am proud of him being Latin my self.... Alexis texas did a swap husband scene twice with Cj he was playing her husband and she banged the latin dude and Cj banged another girl all in the same room not a big deal hey. Hit me up we can speak about this in depth if u want there are so many more examples than just this

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