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Dj Oscar Leal Daddy's Anal Princess


Dj Oscar Leal - Daddy?.. Daddy, wake up. I have a favor to ask of you. So, prom is tonight and my boyfriend has been asking me for something lately... He wants to try anal. But I've never done it before! I was thinking, since we've been having sex for a while now, maybe you and I could stretch my asshole out a little? Oh, Daddy, yes, please, would you help me? Thank you! I love you so much. I just know if you can teach me just how to take your big cock in my ass, my boyfriend can definitely fit! You're much bigger than he is. Of course, I wonder how good he'll be after I've experienced you. Oh Daddy, I love you! Please, though, do go slowly. It's my first time! ...Hey, that feels.. good!....Dj Oscar Leal

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Woodworker Male 1mo ago Report spam

She's got a hairy ass!!!!

Trancemantis Male 10mo ago Report spam

Ella es hermosa pero es muy peluda, incluso tiene pelos d hombre en la parte d atras del culo wtf?

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