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stroking bbc with baby oil


Amateur Big Dick Masturbation Gay   

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getthiswork210 Male 9mo ago Report spam

I was 20 years old when I met the future mother of my child who was 17. I was hanging out with a few friends when my best friend decided to go over to this girl's house that I didn't know. Her name was shonda and while she was on the phone with her home girl my friend named Baby John grabbed the phone and started talking to her. I don't know why but I was paying close attention to his conversation with her and it seemed like it wasn't really going anywhere. I don't quite remember if he laid the phone down or if he handed the phone back to Shonda but anyway I ended up on the phone with her. Needless to say after 2 weeks of talking with her I dumped my Girlfriend at the time and I got with Carla. The three of us Carla, Baby John & myself always joked about the situation on how we ended up together since Baby John was the one on the phone with her first. Within a year Carla ended up staying with me at my Grandparents house after an Altercation with her mother over me. I was high as fuck all the time at that point and sometimes Carla would smoke with me. One night while we we're fucking I asked her if she wanted to have some fun and invite Baby John in the room with us. She was like " I don't know" at 1st but then she said " Yes" but changed her mind again so we just put it off. One night we we're all hanging out at her female cousin's Apt. while she was at work for the night. We all smoked out that night and that's when Carla whispered in my ear " I'll do it, I'm ready". I was all in so when Carla went to her cousin's room I asked Baby John if he was down and he was like " Hell Yeah!". I just remember Baby John & I taking turns letting Carla suck our dicks and then I started fucking her 1st as she sucked Baby Johns Big Cock. I'm about 9.5 and Baby John was around like 11.5. So when he started fucking her, he wasn't playing no games and the sounds she was making was turning me on as I made her suck on my dick. We only did it about 2 or more times before Carla decided that she didn't want to that anymore after finding out Baby John was also fucking Shonda. Funny thing about that was after Carla stopped Baby John and I started fucking Shonda together without our other homeboy knowing about it. When you grow up in the hood you just never know your Best Friend could be smashing your girl. I met Carla when I was 20 and we had our child together when I was 23 but in between that time she never knew that I was also involved with Baby John. His cock was so big that I loved watching a girl suck on it while I was fucking her. One night while in the far back parking lot of my Apt Complex I smoked another blunt with Baby John. When we're done Baby John started rubbing his cock thru his pants talking like " I might need to swing by Shonda's house and get this big dick sucked". He saw me watching him as he stroked it inside his pants and that's when he asked me " you like that". That's when I told him " keep stroking it, I love watching you play with that big dick". Next minute he's asking if me I wanna suck his big dick and I was like " Yes Baby John I wanna suck it". He pulled it out and told me to come get it and I did just that. At first I was sucking his dick but after a couple of minutes I was eating all of that Big dick begging for that nut in my mouth and when he did that nut just blasted inside my mouth. Carla was going to Community College at the time, so when she would go to school Baby John would come over. In the same bed that I sharing with Carla every night I was also sharing my asshole with Baby Johns 11.5 inch big cock. Damn! I miss every single inch sliding in and out of my asshole and Baby John knew how to use that big cock too. As he fucked me from the side he would take a pair of Carla's dirty panties and sniff them while he pounded me out. Those we're some good times right there and we never got caught but in life nothing stays the same and close friends sometimes drift apart. The last time we did it was the best one because Carla was asleep in the bedroom because it was a school night. We we're playing video games u might say but most of the time we were just rubbing each others cock. When the coast was clear i just laid my head back on the edge of the couch and let Baby John face fuck my throat with that big juicy cock. Fucking was just too damn risky so after the explosion it was pretty much it after that night because a few weeks later Carla told me she was pregnant and all my extra activities ended at that point.