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nothing was the same 480p


man strokes his 12 inch cock

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carterx53 Male 22mo ago Report spam

Hot bro thanks, and hot story dude. I love BBC

getthiswork210 Male 25mo ago Report spam

when i was 14 my father who was in jail most of my life, during this summer managed to stay out of trouble. so i spent time at his apt. complex mostly alone because my father was always more concerned about women more than being a parent. after a week or two his friend hayward started coming around more and he was 24, eleven years younger than my father. one evening we we're swimming and as it started to get dark we went and changed clothes back at my dad's apt. at this time my dad was right down stairs hanging out with some female neighbors drinking and smoking. i was putting my clothes on when hayward came in my room and when he took his gym shorts off it was like his dick just fell out and i couldn't take my eyes off it. i'm 14 so when he asked me what i was looking at i had kid's like excitement when i told him " you're dick, it's so big, i hope mine is that big when i get older". we laughed and joked around for a minute but as we started to walk out hayward told me too wait here and then went downstairs for a minute. when he came back up and into my room he locked the door and asked me if i wanted to see it again and i got excited and said "yes". so i sat down on the edge of the bed and i watched him pull it out and start stoking it. while he stroked it he told me how big it was gonna get and don't take my eyes off his dick and i said " yes sir". as it grew and grew he started getting closer and closer asking me if i liked his big black dick and i said " yes sir! i like watching u play with your big black dick" best moment of my life is when he let me stroke it but it was so fucking big and long i had to use 2 hands. i was shocked when he told me to spit on it and make it real nasty for him so i did. just like it was yesterday i remember the sexy ass moans he was making as he said " yes baby keep stroking that big black dick for your surprise". i keep telling him that i wanted my surprise and when he told me to close my eyes i just felt this big, warm blast of cum hitting my face and when he was done he keep slapping his dick up against all the cum on my face. later on that night as my father laid passed out drunk in his room hayward came into my room again and locked my door. he didn't say a word when he pulled his boxers off i got out of the bed and started sucking his dick while i played with his balls that we're also big. i begged him for more cum and this time he told me he was gonna cum in my mouth so when he said that i started sucking and stroking harder but he made me stop. i laid back down on the bed and he put my pillows under my head and he started feeding that big dick to me nice and slow.for the rest of the summer all i did was eat dick and swallow cum.

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