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she fucks him after a brutal post orgas

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t’s easy to underestimate Elena. She’s short and petite with a high squeaky voice like an Olympic gymnast. Elena was born into a strict Middle Eastern family. She was taught to that women should be humble and quiet. She should be obedient and submissive. She should be eager to please and respectful of men. Elena completely rebelled against her upbringing and married a Western man who loves being dominated. Elena calls the shots in her relationship. She makes him cook and clean. She forces her husband to watch as she has sex with other men. One of her many kinks is bondage. Today she has her poor hubby severely restrained and blindfolded. Today she is going to make him obey. His pathetic ass is completely at her mercy: his arms are pinned above his head, his legs are locked down, and his chest is bound with leather bands. She gets the cock hard by playing with the penis, then abruptly slaps the shaft. She flicks at the sensitive underside of the cock with her fingers, then returns to slow calming strokes. She alternates between stroking and slapping until the prick is throbbing and veiny. She watches closely as her slave winces with every blow. The penis turns bright pink from the pain. “Show me that cum. You better squirt that cum or you don’t get any pussy.” She continues to jerk the penis as it cums on command. The spent organ suffers even more during a long post orgasm milking. The dominating cum whore that she is, Elena licks around the head of the spent penis getting cum all over her face. She licks up more cum. Then, showing no mercy to the deflated dick, she sucks on it extracting even more cum. You would think it’s all over at this point, but Elena is not done. She grabs the tired cock, puts it inside her pussy, and rides it. Her tight ass forces another massive load from the worthless slave. When she sits up cum drips from her cunt. Elena smiles, she enjoys forced creampies.

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