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Amateur Erotic Fetish 1080p   

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cbthree3 Male 4wk ago Report spam

No....what a shame SHE chose to let her body go from just thick and damn near perfect to obese and what it is now. IF and I say IF, she quit videos because of the comments she had to know some people would make because of her choices, that's on her. I will just enjoy her old videos. Take a look at her better version scrolling through even this video and you'll understand. For those that will get upset because they like obese women, that's understandable but consider that she was never obese when we first met her(on camera), so we have just as much of a point to want her to be healthier and how we liked her at first. The obese, super cellulite lovers can have her now. No problem with that.

BillyBarney Male 18mo ago Report spam

what a shame she stopped web videos

Mal Malloy .mp4
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