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The scene opens with Jade confronting her boyfriend for letting her mother jerk him off. "You know Rob my mom has done this before. She Always jerks off my boyfriends but I thought you were different". There is a knock at the door and Jade goes to answer it. It's Jade's mother's boyfriend and Jade tells him to come in that her mom will be home shortly. "Did you know that my mom jerked off my boyfriend?" she asks him. Stunned, her mother's boyfriend can't believe it and he is ready to punch Jade's boyfriend but Jade has another idea as she starts to come onto the much older man. "Jade what are you doing?". "I think we should teach them both a lesson!". "Hmmm, maybe your right". Jade's mother boyfriend removes his clothes and Jade starts to stroke his big cock. "Wow no wonder my mom likes you so much! You have a huge cock" Jade's boyfriend is pleading with her to stop but she just tells him..."This is what you get". The boyfriend is visibly upset and runs out and Jade keeps on jerking. Suddenly Jade's mother comes home and catches them but rather than get mad she understands the situation and joins in! "Jade haven't I taught you anything" Jade's mom takes the lead now and says this is how you jerk cock. Jade quickly gets it and she pulls the cum from her mother's boyfriend.


Fetish Group Sex Handjob   

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