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First Time Ballbusters 2 Scene 1- Bree

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Cute blonde Bree talks a little about herself before stripping down to show off her killer body. She rubs Brother Love's package with her athletic shoe clad foot before pulling him out to suck his cock and balls with a bit of biting mixed in. Brother Love guides a little of her biting, and she has him beg for it as well as slapping his cock and balls and working them over with her feet. Bree strokes him with her feet and mixes in a little nut crushing with a few kicks. They keep it up as they move to the bed where Bree kicks things up kicking his balls. The longer Bree goes at punishing Brother Love's package the more she gets into it, and she puts out some great trash talk as she works him over punching, kicking, squeezing, slapping, and biting his package as he lays on the bed and gets on all fours on the floor. Finally, Bree sucks Brother Love to a nice pop in her mouth that she swallows down. This is a great opening scene. As always, Bree looks nothing short of fantastic and she shows a dark side that one doesn't get to see too much. I love how she gets into the action more and more as it goes on, and she puts out some great trash talk to match the energy she puts out busting Brother Love's balls. This is a very nice scene to start the movie with, and reminded me once again of what a pleasant surprise the original was.


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