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Kingkobe2 Male 2mo ago Report spam

That has to be the gayest... yet, interesting story that I've heard in a while.

getthiswork210 Male 19mo ago Report spam

when i was 13, i used to live in these ghetto apartment complex called stone gate. one friday night i went to a vacant apt. with 2 older boys ( one was 16 & the other 17) we're they use to go and smoke weed and chill out. one of the boy's who was 17 took to me the restroom and asked me if i would stroke his dick and i said " no" at first. when the 16 yr old came in as well they both started putting the pressure on me to do it and said that there not going to hang out me anymore. that struck a cord inside of me because i really liked hanging out with them & i didn't want to feel isolated anymore. so i told them okay as long as they promised not to tell anybody, so once they made that deal with me i started stroking the 17 off first while 16 just watched for a minute. i remember at one point he told me " hell yeah, keep stroking my big dick" i looked up at him while i stroked it and i asked him if he liked it and he said " i love it". now 16 was ready so i started stroking his cock too but 16 was so excited that after about a minute or two i stroked his cum unto the floor and he just left after that. so when he left i started back stroking 17, but the mood changed and we started talking dirty to each other while i stroked his big dick. he stopped me at one point and asked me if i could put it in my mouth. after i said a couple of i don't know's and a few of his plead's of please i had his big cock in my mouth sucking all over it. when he got ready to cum he asked me if i wanted it in my mouth or on my face, and before i could answer he just pulled out and sprayed my face down. for about a year plus until 17 moved, him and a couple of his friends continued to take me back to that vacant apt. and use my mouth as a toilet. long before i was ever with a girl, i already knew how to take dick down my throat and swallow loads of cum. it's crazy when i think back to those day's, i actually would suck 2 or 3 guys off when i was 13 and when they got ready to cum i wouldn't spit it out, i actually loved swallowing all there loads... DAMN!! THE END OF STORY 1

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