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Check out What Cuckold Porn Is About

It's funny and interesting how such a popular fetish can be named after a bird. Odd as that may be, the term cuckold derives from the cuckoo bird, is a sneaky little critter. It lays its eggs on other birds' nests and lets them take care of them, poor suckers! Well, the cuckolds you will meet in this category are also big suckers and losers. They are so unworthy of satisfying their wives with their small and oftentimes dysfunctional dicks that another man has to do the job! This is referred to as the bull. The bull has all the stamina, testosterone, libido and virility the cuckold lacks. Bulls are big, manly, muscular studs with big hard cocks, many times black men, which the hot wives have a special attraction to. Some take on just one lover, and some prefer to have several! The more big dicks to pleasure them, the better!

Watch Hours of Hot Wives Fucked by Bulls

Sometimes the hot wife cheats on her husband behind his back, but the true cuckold experience happens when the cuckold is forced to watch as another man satisfies his wife! He may even be forced to clean up afterward! This humiliation involves him licking the sticky creampie the bull has left in his wife's pussy or asshole and even cleaning the semen from the bull's cock and balls! The best thing about this category is that you get to enjoy awesome cuckold scenes portrayed by sexy pornstars, but you also get to watch the real deal! That's right, we are talking real amateur hot wives and their cuckolds, who enjoy filming themselves while they invite other men into the bedroom to satisfy the hot wife's sexual urges!

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