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Condom Sex

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Find Out What Safer Sex Is All About

They don't call the cumshot "money shot" for nothing. For some unwritten rule in porn, the cumshot is pretty much the cherry on top of the pie for any adult scene. It brings closure to everything, and usually, the scene ends when the man cums. That's one of the reasons why condoms weren't very popular in porn, perhaps except for gay and shemale sites some decades ago. Good thing is, we live in an era in which safer sex is not just a wise choice, many consider it to be very sexy and kinky. So the rubber is making its way back into porn and is rapidly becoming a pretty important element in many scenes. If bareback fucking isn't necessarily up your alley and you want to see more pornstars fucking like regular folks do (using protection), then this category will be right up your alley.

Watch Sluts Getting Fucked with Condoms

Safer sex is becoming a trend in porn, and more and more studios include protection in their scenes. This doesn't just keep the performers safe, it also raises awareness and normalizes non-bareback penetration and intercourse. Condom play videos show us naughty girls that love making their guys blow their loads inside their rubbers. Then they can play with them, spilling the contents all over their bodies, swallowing it, or even making their men drink it. Condoms breaking during intercourse are also a hot topic. Accidents can happen, and the look of shock and surprise on the performers' faces when they realize that their condoms broke while they were fucking is priceless! Start checking out all the videos we have selected for you in this category and discover all the kinky, sexy fun that these pornstars and amateurs can have with condoms.

Enjoy These Protected Sex Videos