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Fucking in front of husband- A man sat on the sofa and then pulled this man's wife onto his lap, piercing her vagina with his hot throbbing cock. She gasped and paused for a moment and then began to move up and down with her body quivering. She continued to bounce up and down and he had to hold onto her hip bones to slow her down. He rammed his dick into her over and over again while her husband was watching. She leaned against him while his cock was still inside her when her husband approached, kissed her and started to lick her pussy.The other guy was rubbing her tits gently as her husband licked and sucked. Stranger fuck- A couple were lying on the side and the guy was banging her from behind very fast piercing her vagina with his hot throbbing cock. He penetrated deeply, holding her thighs. Her tits were big and her nipples , brown and erect, bouncing as he drove it in faster and faster. She let out little whimpering sounds as they crashed together. He began to ram it into her warm and wet cunt with forceful measured strokes and then he gradually increased the pace. Every time he slapped against her ass she’d whimper. This woman continues to be fucked fast with this mans fat cock. He thrust it in and out of her wet crack until he filled it up with his cream.

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