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Compilation Porn

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Compilations Are One Of The Best Things To Ever Happen In Porn!

They let you skip all the boring parts of porn and get straight to what you enjoy the most, picking the best parts of many different movies and scenes and mashing them together. Compilations cover a variety of common themes or elements, kinks, fetishes, body parts, sex acts, sexual positions, pornstars and niches. Some even have their own name, like "cumpilations", mashing cumshots, facials and ejaculations together in a single video. Others are cued to different music, creating what is known as a PMV, or Porn Music Video. While many of them simply string together different clips from different scenes and movies, some of them are very creative and mix many different elements, effects and more. The cool thing about compilations is that anybody can create them! You can even make your own! You just need a computer, an internet connection and basic video editing software and you are all set!

Discover The Hottest Porn Compilations On The Web

Double anal, deep throat, big boobs, glory holes, cowgirl, swingers, cumshots, shemales, butt licking, BDSM, squirting, saliva, public sex, pornstars, amateurs, etc. The list goes on and on and you will never run out of possibilities because compilations cover everything that exists in porn. You will find some short clips and some really long ones, depending on your tastes and how much of your particular fix you need to get your fill. Some videos will mix videos and pictures along with texts, adding even more layers to this fun and kinky media. Many big porn studios make their own compilations, showcasing their hottest stars, most popular scenes or highlighting a particular theme. You can forget about fast forwarding to your favorite parts of your porn and just sit back and enjoy our selection of porn compilations and mash ups.

Just Some Examples of Compilation Themes Include: