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Clothed Fuck

Clothed Is Even Hotter Than Naked

It sounds quite contradictory when you think about it, but for some people, clothed women can be much hotter than naked ones! It's hard to explain, not being able to see them nude, having to imagine what they look like underneath their garments, make it so much more exciting. You will take any little bit of nudity they give you! Even something as innocent and tame as a nip slip can be enough to make you cum in your pants! Imagine fucking with a girl, but with both of you leaving your clothes on! Fondling her tits and ass over her blouse and skirt, feeling her wet pussy over her cotton panties, and feeling her hands massaging your hard-on over your jeans! It's fucking exciting, right? That's why this category filled with pornstars and amateurs banging with their clothes on is so damn hot!

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There are three acronyms you did to know while exploring this category: CFNM, WAM and NN. CFNM stands for Clothed Women Naked Men and involves dressed girls teasing, humiliating and fucking naked men. WAM stands for Wet And Messy and involves women getting their outfits and bodies slimed, gunged and messy with all sorts of foods, creams, lotions, water and else. What both fetishes have in common is the attention given to the clothes, outfits and uniforms the women wear, especially to fabrics such as silk, satin, latex and leather, among others. Finally, NN, or non-nude, which tends to be softcore, erotic porn in which sexy girls model in fancy dresses, outfits, uniforms and lingerie, but never get naked in front of the camera. So, enjoy this category, with your clothes on or not!

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