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Cinema Sex

What Makes Cinemas The Best Places To Fuck?

Fucking in public is hot, but picking the right location to get away with it can be often times a tricky task. This is what makes cinemas such traditional and popular spots for this type of escapades. Just think about it. They are really dark, and with everybody paying attention to what's going on in the screen, it's easy to pass under the radar. Plus, the noise, the music and the ambient sounds of the movie itself serve as a buffer, blocking out the sex noises you can make while fucking. Banging in movie theaters goes from the vanilla and softcore handjob or blowjob to having full blown hardcore sex. Sometimes the theater is almost empty, and sometimes it's crowded, adding an additional element of risk to the lovemaking. Some couples sneak into the restrooms, or even the projection area, looking for the best spot to enjoy a great public sex experience while at the movies!

Enjoy Hardcore Sex in Movie Theaters

Many of the movies in this category are professionally produced. This means they are scripted, with hot pornstars pretending to go to the movies to fuck in public, with the risk of getting caught. They get to revel in their exhibitionist nature and the crowd gets to live out their voyeuristic side, watching them fuck. You also have real amateur footage, which is quite hot because it's unscripted and as real as it gets. We are talking about kinky exhibitionist that go to the movies and film themselves, be it exposing their nudity, masturbating or fucking with somebody else in cinemas and theaters. Start browsing through the videos in this category and discover which turn you on the most.

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