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Caning Sex

What Is Caning Porn?

Caning is all about strict discipline. Submissive sluts that have misbehaved and need to be punished and disciplined by their masters. They pull the skirts up and their panties down, their butts turning red as they get caned. Male sex slaves bend over and let these harsh, sadistic mistresses punish and humiliate them into shape. The mix of pain and pleasure, the defenselessness and power play is what turns them on and makes this category, part of the BDSM genre, so exciting and erotic. If this discipline brings out your submissive or dominant side and you enjoy hardcore femdom and maledom sex videos, sit back and enjoy. Hard spankings and harsh punishments, public humiliation, restriction and bondage, sadism and masochism are all part of these hardcore movies. These sluts love being used and abused in dungeons, classrooms, dorms, army barracks, prison cells, bars, clubs, indoors, outdoors and in public places.

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Many different implements and variations come into play, such as belting, birching, whipping, paddling, spanking, strapping and using riding crops, rulers, sticks and more. The punishment can be applied to different parts of the body, with variations of speed, intensity and lightness or hardness. A caning session can be soft, sensual and erotic, or extreme, hardcore and brutal. It can be consensual, or form part of a forced fantasy. The settings may vary. Topics usually vary, including domestic (being disciplined at home), educational (strict punishments at colleges, camps, armed services, sororities and fraternities) and judicial (punished for committing a crime or felony). All of this gives place to so much space for creativity, that the subject matter never runs out and there is always a new, fresh take on the subject.

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