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Bottle Fuck

Bottles Are These Girls' Best Friends

From spinning the bottle to the most extreme bottle insertion videos you can find on the web, this category has everything to turn you into a bottle porn lover! Bottles can be used for so many things, but these sexy sluts enjoy using them as props to stuff their tight pussies and assholes with, many times after drinking their contents first, or actually having them poured into said fuck holes! If you think about it, they have phallic shapes, so they work perfectly as a substitute for a dildo, a sex toy or even a cock! When these naughty sluts are feeling horny and urged to get off and they don't have anybody to fuck them, they will turn to these bottles to get the job done!

See Pussies And Asses Stuffed With Bottles

Curiosity killed the cat, and it definitely got the best of these naughty chicks! They can't resist fantasizing and experimenting with these glass and plastic containers, drinking its contents or pouring them all over their hot naked bodies. They insert them in their pussies and asses for a wild and kinky masturbatory session home alone or in front of their webcam! Parties are great places for these drunken sex games to take place. After all, nobody in their right mind will jam a huge champagne bottle up their ass on a whim unless they already had a few drinks, right? LOL! They are also used to play sexy games of truth or dare, where the hot participants enjoy taking off their clothes and lying their asses off just so they can take those naughty dares and have dirty sex with their friends and lovers!

What Is Bottle Porn All About?