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Leena married her husband for his money, but along with a rich husband came two awful, lazy brats. They do absolutely nothing around the house and they spend money faster than she can. Her husband just called to say that he needs to extend his business trip in Europe another two weeks. Leena, very frustrated tells her husband how nice it will be to spend another two weeks alone with them. But, reminds him to pay off the credit card because it had reached the spending limit. Leena has not been able to go shopping since the two brats have spent all the money on the credit card. So, things need to change around the house. She confronts them about the spending of the money and threatens to tell their dad that they are the ones that have maxed out the credit card. She is in charge now and they will do whatever she tells them to or Cody will not get that dirt bike and Vanessa will not get that dress she has been dying to buy. Leena tells the brats to get on the floor and kneel in front of her and lick her shoes. They are humiliated but don't feel that they have much of a choice but to do exactly what their evil step mother tells them to. She then has them remove her shoes and start kissing and licking her bare feet. Leena really enjoys the power she now has over them and will not allow them to spend the money that is rightfully hers anymore. She is going to punish them in a way they will never forget. Leena has Cody get up on the couch and pull out his cock and rubs it with her feet while forcing Vanessa to kiss and lick her step moms cock covered soles. Leena continues to milk Cody and force Vanessa to stick her tongue out and taste Cody's cock. When Cody cums all over his step moms feet, she then forces both the brats to lick it off. Now that step mom has control of the finances, they don't have any choice.

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MennisIISociety Male 22mo ago Report spam

Leena Sky.

kingdombrah Male 32mo ago Report spam

who is she

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