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Dj Oscar Leal Julia had a talk with R


Part two of three a part video. As promised Julia had a talk with Rachel. She told her that Josh needed more from her. He knew about the sexual relationship with Rachel and the older brother. Josh wanted the same kind of attention. Rachel had been trying to refrain from sex with Josh because he was younger. Julia convinced Rachel after confessing she and Josh had sex. Rachel could not let that be Josh's only experience. Rachel and Julia went to talk to Josh in the bedroom. Josh told his mom how he felt and he had fantasized about having sex with her all his life. Rachel stood up and slowly took her clothes off. She stepped forward and put her hand around Josh's neck pulling him to her breasts. He sucked her tits. Josh stripped off his clothes and all three of them got on the bed. Rachel sucked her son's cock while Aunt Julia kissed him and put her tits in his mouth. Julia encouraged them both. Rachel propped herself up on a pillow and Julia told Josh to fuck her. Josh humped her like a in heat. Rachel screamed out for him to fuck her. Josh slammed her on her back and pounded her, Julia played with his balls. Josh came hard in his mom. Julia told him to fuck her. He bent her over and fucked her from behind. Rachel and Julia French kissed. Rachel kissed Josh hard as he fucked her sister. He came quickly again. Rachel and Julia were not done with him. They lay down and licked his cock together. He felt both their wet pussies on his legs. Rachel took his hand and pushed it in her pussy. Julia sucked his cock wildly. He was in heaven.

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