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Blonde hottie Danielle is bound in the dungeon, almost naked and definitely barefoot on the cold stone of the floor. She has been left alone with her thoughts, her arms tied high above her, her naked tits and pussy displayed...a naughty young woman. And now she is going to be even naughtier because she can’t hold back the pee in her bladder, which is waiting to spray out of her body in an embarrassing stream. She knows that peeing on the floor, and having to step in her own pee once it’s puddled, is part of her ongoing discipline. She tries to hold off, squeezing and dancing in place, but finally she realizes resistance is futile. Out comes the pee, further proof of her inability to control the responses of her body! How long will she be kept in this degrading position of nudity and helplessness?? She's sure sorry now that she was such a disobedient young lady!!

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