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Melissa Moore And Riley Reid in Prom Ni


Ahh prom night. Every fathers worst nightmare, and every girls dream come true. These girls are ready to get pounded hard for their first time ever but the daddys are too hip to how the mind of a teenage boy works. They easily surpass no chill by greeting the dates with an axe and gun, even pulling out the mafia intimidation tactics, stressing they'll disappear if they do anything to their daughters. The dates are noticeably scared, especially after they have a great time at the prom then get cold feet (and probably limp dick) when the girls are ready to get fucked. The daughters soon realize its the dads fault they didnt get laid. They are so pissed, these virgins NEED cock! so since the dads fucked up its time for them to provide. The girls commence the swap and get ravaged harder than the prom buffet. These daddy dicks definitely put to shame anything those puny prom date penises could have ever offered. Instead of a corsage, the girls got orchid white loads of cum on their face and stomach. PROMTASTIC!

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