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Karly Baker in Drunk Moms Dont Care


Karlys mom is passed out drunk, but she really needs to talk to her! Looks like she will just have to wait this one out. After waiting a while, her stepbro brad gets home, kind of hungry. His stepmom usually makes him a nice hot lunch, but Karly explains what the deal is. Brad thinks it might be a good idea to go try and wake her up. After trying super hard to wake her, Brad gives one final shove, only to have her change positions, reveal her nude body, and also uncover a cute little vibrator. Looks like mommy likes to get off before she gets down into dream land. Brads dick started to get excited, and since mommy was passed out, maybe he could get away with teasing her for a bit. It works! Until Karly comes barging in, wondering where he was. She gives him the third degree and is shocked by how pervy he is. Then Karly shows her pervy side, asking if brad is still turned on, and offering to help. Believe it r not, Brad started fucking Karly right there on the bed with their mom passed out! Such a truly genius move, considering brad had an extra pair of tits to grab throughout the experience. Karly did get a bit jealous though, and would move his hand away every time she saw it wander away. The jealousy subsided as big bro let loose a stringy load all over her face. Mission accomplished! And mom will never find out. She wakes up shortly after they leave the room, clueless to exactly how kinky her kin can be ;).

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