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Here she is, French Barbie!


It has always been fascinating to me that in Porn, there is a dogged pursuit in everyone doing the same thing: Being the best possible Barbie. The paradox is that it’s an impossibility to ever actually become a manufactured Barbie: Human anatomy and the limits of modern technology prevent that (for now, at least). I submit to you, gentle pornography enthusiast, is that what really gets us off when we see a Barbie in Porn isn’t the Barbie part, but in watching people devote themselves so totally (at least in our sex-addled minds) to the impossible. Being a Barbie ain’t easy after all: It requires time, money, an enthusiasm for elective surgery, and, above all, a carefully coiffed sense of personal style. In truth, being a Barbie is less about manufacturing than ritual art. What we’re after isn’t a mass produced stereotype of femininity, but a performance of gender that manifests an impossible fantasy into sexual reality. With that in mind, I present to you another proud addition to the brave ranks of those who would make the Barbie their art. She’s 33, she’s French, her style relies less on vacant bimbo than it does on cabaret acrobatics, and beneath those coy giggles beats the heart of a sluuuuuut.


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