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Dad is taking a shower getting ready for work. His daughter hears the water running and comes in to spy on him. After a quick peak she strips to her sexy underwear and begins to masturbate. Her naughty clothes turn her on so much as she imagines her dad fucking her while she rubs her pussy. Just then she hears mom outside the door. With a squeak she jumps in the shower and puts her hand over her dads mouth. Cory walks in and asks her husband about dinner tonight. The daughter goes to her knees and begins to suck her fathers cock, hoping that her dad would not want her mom to find them like this. He talks to Cory with his daughters mouth around his cock. Cory gives a quick “I love you” and tells him not to use all the hot water. Mom walks away as Brooklyn pulls her panties to the side and slowly fucks her dad in the warm water.



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zard Male 32mo ago Report spam

Brooklyn Daniels

Richmond23 Male 34mo ago Report spam

Whats the lady name

DJ OSCAR LEAL - Surprise Showe.mp4
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