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Dj Oscar Leal - Dream Blackmailed into


RUSS HAS THE HOTS FOR HIS BABY SISTER COURTNEY AFTER SPYING ON HER IN HER ROOM!! WHEN COURTNEY ARRIVES HOME FROM HER DATE PAST HER CURFEW...RUSS BLACKMAILS HER INTO SUBMISSION!! EITHER HE WAKES UP MOM TO TELL ON HER....OR SHE LETS HIM FUCK HER!!!! While Courtney is in her room getting ready for a Date...her older Brother, Russ is spying on her. He can't believe hot HOT his baby Sister looks in her fishnet stockings and garter belt. Russ REALLY has the Hots for his Baby Sister!!! Later that night....much much later.....when Courtney arrives home well past her curfew....Russ senses an opportunity to take advantage of his baby Sister. Russ Blackmails Courtney...."Either I wake up Mom and tell her that you were out past your curfew....or you have to Fuck me....". Courtney is sickened by her Brother's perverted ultimatum......but she is cornered!!! Courtney knows that she will be grounded if Mom finds out about her breaking curfew....so she reluctantly gives in....and lets her Brother have his disgusting way with her!!!! Russ laps up his little Sister's pussy as if it was the most delicious thing on the Planet!!! Russ proceeds to bend his baby Sister over the sofa and give her a hard Pounding.....before making her take his cum in her mouth....and swallow it!!! The molested and defiled Courtney.....humiliated and disgusted.....takes her high heels....and goes upstairs to her room...calling her big Brother a Pervert.

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