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Alison Rey In The Covenant


I’m finally beginning to understand my power. I was so offended and humiliated when my own brother took my virginity. But of course my brother wanted me. Everyone does. I am beautiful and powerful and it’s not that the men overpower me. I overpower them. I want to show all the girls what I can do. And maybe they can even learn from me how to behave so that they can control men like I do. But if they’re a little jealous, too, I don’t mind. They should be. I always thought Sister Zoe was so tall and blonde and gorgeous, it didn’t occur to me that actually I intimidated her! But when I touch her she trembles, and I can tell that she wants me, too. It turned me on to think that I can have her man. That he asked to make the Covenant with me. She watched while I got ready for it, wondering why it wasn’t her. She watched while we kissed passionately and I felt his long dick get hard in his pants. She watched me touch it. She watched me pull it out and suck him off, my lips all over him, his hands on my breasts, not hers, his cock going so deep into me, he didn’t even look at her once. But I did.

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