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Huge boobs blonde fucked by huge black


Ava Devine Gangbang


ava devine   

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IamIchigoKurosaki Male 34mo ago Report spam

Though of course Ava is one of my favs. The thing I always found funny about her scenes is, for the most part, in the beginning she seems so sweet and innocent. Than as soon as the sex starts, its like this switch goes off and she becomes this beyond nasty, sex crazed machine. By the end of the vid, mascara running from her eyes, make up off, hair all over the place etc etc(i love it). I think thats why I'm so into her cause though she is aggressive, at the sametime she is submissive/take me, rip off my clothes, pull my hair as you give it to me hard and deep. Cum in me and with me. The way I love em.

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