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Ms. Taylor is on the phone with her girlfriend when a knock comes at the door. She goes to answer it and finds a man at the other side wanting to sell her some goods. She insists he comes by later when her husband is home but he insists his presentation won't take but a couple minutes so she relentlessly lets him in. She takes a seat in the recliner and invites him to take a seat but he gets down on his knees right in front of her and digs in his bag pulling out a bottle of solution as he begins his speech on his new 'product'. He has her whiff the solution which immediately makes her dizzy and confused. He has her stand up and slides her dress off. Not sure what is going on she gasps but he just pushes her back to her seat and proceeds to tie her to it with some binds he retrieves from his bag! She is so out of it she can not fight and he is able to finish his tying and proceed with his demonstration; if you call it that! Once he has this hottie all tied up he pulls out a large machine from his bag and plugs it to the wall then holds it tight to her panties as he turns it on. It vibrates like crazy making her awaken; ever so nicely as she enjoys every second moaning in pleasure from this wonderful machine! She sure seems to enjoy it thrusting to the vibrations as he goes on about what a great machine this is and how it can do things her husband will never be able to do to her! Her moans and thrusts become ever so great as her thighs begin to quiver and he brings her to orgasm! Quite a product he has! He agrees to come back the next day when her husband has left for work; but not before giving her yet another great and wonderful orgasm again! She does not resist this time and thrusts to the machine even more as her thighs quiver like you have never seen before! She orgasms so hard and so loud you will not believe! HOT HOT HOT! He leaves her now packing up his bags with the promise to see her again the next day once her husband is gone! Ms. Taylor can not wait! HOT HOT HOT YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!!



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