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  • Uploader Uploaded by: theboobmann
    Date Added Added: 12mo ago
    Duration Runtime: 12 min 08 sec
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    Male kalberd:
    3mo ago Like mentioned unfortunately Rachel boobs are not as big anymore. Leanne really shines in this movie with her voluptuous body. Secretly am hoping both pick up some more pounds. Flag Comment
    Male Jaeman1984:
    11mo ago Wow Leanne is huge. The biggest she's ever been! We must be talking K cups and Up! Although I agree Rachel is far from her biggest in what she was, and her tits were absolutely huge!!! It is a shame this came a little later with both of them at there biggest. That would have been epic!! Clearly Leanne is bigger here though. Never thought I see that! Hopefully they will continue to feature with each other Flag Comment
    Male lynkadonk123:
    12mo ago Thanks for the answer, dumbdork. That was spot on... they made this in the wrong time. Although Leanne's tits are bigger than ever, Rachel lost some mad weight and her tits now lack their former glory. This could be done a lot earlier.. but then again, even if it was, it would be boring as hell, because we are talking about PUF here, who does the same type of videos over and over and over again.. And as you said, the only times when Leanne is remotely interesting is when she does stuff for Score or DDF, at least they try to go as far as they can (because Leanne and her stupid no-pussy policy always have to kill the mood), as opposed to PUF..

    LOL so even Tessa thinks PUF is full of stupid pointless shit?? Hahaha... well, what else can be said? lol..
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    Male dumbdork:
    12mo ago Also lynkadonk123, this pairing of Aldana and Crow is too little too late, they should have had these two model together in like 2010 and guys would have gone crazy about it. At this point everyone is just bored of both of them and know they aren't going to do anything hot in these videos. Once again, both very sexy looking Women but both are clueless when it comes to putting on any sort of performance in videos. Leanne did a few good videos for Score and DDF and Rachel has done a few hot tit oiling videos over the years. Other than that they have no done much worth watching or worth joining their sites for. Their sites have terrible customer service and are horribly maintained too and not updated properly and/or malfunction constantly because PUF is too cheap to hire a real webmaster. Certainly not worth the $100+ per year they charge for their sites. Flag Comment
    Male lynkadonk123:
    12mo ago Unfortunately I have to agree with dumbdork. So much wasted potential here.

    "All their videos together will probably just be them sitting next to each other looking bored." LOL that was a spot on description of pretty much every Leanne/Rachel video ever...
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  • Description
    Leanne Crow & Rachel Aldana are a pair of Sexy Bedside Help with big tits in sexy nurses outfit getting you hard in front of the camera. 


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